Nearby Attractions

AS apartment is located in a convenient location, where a lot of attractions are nearby. E.g: Royal Square Office Building, Nongduang Market, Chao Fa Ngum Park, Mekong Night Market, Sanjiang Chinese Market, etc. 

Crowne Plaza/Royal Square Building

Royal Square Office Building provides office leasing service for many organizations and businesses in Vientiane Capital. E.g KPMG, Embassy of the Republic of Korea


Chao Fa Ngum Park


This place is attractive to the customers who want to live near a park where they can run/jog/walk in a park, and enjoy a beautiful view of the Chao Fa Ngum Statue in the city.

Nongduang Market


A marketplace where you can buy groceries and other necessary stuff.

Sanjiang Chinese Market


A variety of Chinese product is gathered here, in this market. You can find cheap products and more here.  

mekhong night market.jpg

Mekong Night Market


The Mekong Night Market takes place along the Mekong Riverfront, where you can enjoy a serene atmosphere of the Mekong river, a street night market. and local food stands are also available nearby.